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BBC Get Creative: What’s the future of education?

Published 29 January 2015

Get Creative is a new, public-facing, year long campaign led by the BBC together with many other partners. It aims to raise the profile of arts, culture and creativity, to highlight their central place in all our lives and to celebrate where they happen all over the nation.

Get Creative will be launched through a series of events and debates all over the UK – some of which will be picked up and covered by the BBC on their TV or radio channels. Over the next year lots of different activities, programmes, events and art works will be part of the Get Creative Programme.

We think that the launch is a great opportunity to ensure that young people and learning have a profile in this process right from the start, so the CLA wants to ask all our members and supporters a question: 

‘What is the future of education?’

We will be holding an event in the launch week of 23 February at which will we ask young people to work with artists and teachers to think through and present their ideas on the future of education. We’ll collate and publish them, and ensure that the political teams and education leads in all the political parties who are writing the manifestos for the General Election are aware of them.

We want to showcase the fantastic power of cultural learning to inspire creativity and innovation.

We’d love you to be a part of this process too.


How to get involved:

  1. Hold your own event or debate in the launch week where you discuss the future of education.
  2. Come up with suggestions, manifesto pledges and ideas for education over the next 20 years. Be as visionary and as innovative as you’d like.
  3. Hold your event or debate in whatever format you’d like – workshops, meetings, a panel debate, a chat over coffee and cake, a twilight session, an online discussion, a festival, or a performance. You can make this discussion a part of an existing event or programme something new, it’s up to you.
  4. Invite anyone you’d like to be part of it – young people, teachers, artists, colleagues, policy makers, arts learning partners, parents.
  5. Let us know you’re having it – email with the details of your event and we’ll tell the BBC team that are covering the launch and we’ll send you the branding pack and further information about the scheme.
  6. Record your findings and your ideas. Let us know your top five suggestions for the future of education – you can send us videos, podcasts and artworks (with the right permissions), but put your ideas on paper too. We’ll include them in the dossier to send to policy makers. 


What is Get Creative?

Get Creative is a major celebration of the nation's culture and creativity. Led by the BBC and What Next? in collaboration with a huge range of arts, cultural and voluntary organisations, everyone is invited to get involved and share their creative talents.

How Get Creative came about?

Get Creative, led by the BBC and What Next?, came about as a result of the Warwick Commission on the future of cultural value, and collaboration with Voluntary Arts, Culture24, 64 Million Artists, Fun Palaces, Cultural Learning Alliance and Arts Council England.



What a brilliant idea! Our Patron Sir Ken Robinson is also filming a documentary called 'Creative Revolution' so this may be a good link? We will let you know about any events in Bath or Bristol area asap. Penny
Penny Hay 30 January 2015
I am interested in holding an event as we have ten schools exhibiting in our gallery on your launch week. Is there any funding attached to this ? I would need to pay an Artist Educator and this is not something that can come from our core funds? kind regards, Bridget
bridget virden 30 January 2015
Excellent. Would love to run something with our students generating the debate... email to follow.
Matthew Bisco 30 January 2015
Love this idea. Definitely want to get involved! Secondary school in the Cheshire area, if there are any nearby schools wanting to collaborate on this! Sarah
Sarah Mellor 30 January 2015

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