Policy and Practice Round-Up: April 2011

As we start looking forward to the bank holiday break, the Cultural Learning Alliance brings you a round-up of cultural learning policy and practice, and a request for your help with a project.

Making the case for culture – volunteers needed!

Do you need more evidence to make the case about the impact of cultural learning? Are you struggling to convince your organisation or funders to support your cultural learning work?

The CLA is pulling together and presenting key pieces of research that demonstrate the power of cultural learning, and we need you to tell us what evidence you need to make your case, how you want it presented, and how you want to access it.

We are looking for volunteers to either attend a two-hour user group in London, or answer an online questionnaire and a follow-up phone interview with a friendly CLA co-ordinator between the 9th-27th May. If you haven’t got time in the next month, but would still like to contribute, we will also be testing what our user groups have told us with an online questionnaire in June, so keep your eye out for that.

To volunteer, please email with your name, job title, organisation and a contact telephone number.

If you haven’t yet read the NCA’s National Manifesto for Drama, Theatre and Young People, then now is the time. The Drama and Theatre Manifesto recognises a common sense of purpose and a shared belief in the contribution made by drama and theatre to the quality of children’s lives in school and beyond. It is a call to action to young people, parents, teachers and theatre practitioners to unify their efforts and ensure that young people have access to drama and theatre.

The Manifesto Action Group are currently calling for quantitative and qualitative evidence of the value of theatre and drama for young people, so if you have any reports or evaluations that fit the bill, please do send them to by 15th July 2011.

Following on from our article earlier this month on what the Arts Council funding decisions could mean for children and young people, Alliance member Earlyarts have written this piece on the impact on the arts for early years.