Durham Commission on Creativity and Education

26 March 2018

The long-awaited Durham Commission on Creativity and Education was announced on 19 February. It is a collaboration between Arts Council England (ACE) and Durham University.

The Commission is seeking to:

  • Influence national policy (in England)
  • Inform and contribute to Arts Council England’s next ten-year Strategy for the period 2020-30
  • Contribute towards Arts Council England’s work with children and young people, including engagement with Arts Council England's 25 Year Creative Talent Plan

The Commission will look at the role of creativity and creative thinking in the lives of children and young people, both within and beyond our education system, through three themes:

  1. Economic growth, skills, and social mobility
  2. Community identity and social engagement
  3. Personal fulfilment and wellbeing

The project will be led by 17 Commissioners who have been drawn from across culture and education, as well as business and the HE sector. The Commission will collect research, evidence, best practice and lessons learnt from the UK and abroad, and will identify the specific components and benefits or disadvantages of a creative education. It is interested in what is working well and where there are gaps that can be addressed in England.

A series of proposals will be created by the Commission which they hope will be considered by ‘government, teachers, parents, arts organisations, business and the creative industries’. Key deliverables are:

  • Published report with practical recommendations to inform policy and practice
  • Repository of existing research
  • New body of research
  • Conference to share learning
  • Practical resources for teachers to embed theory into practice

The Commission will run until spring 2019, followed by a further review period until 2020.

Read more on the Commission website


Photo credit: Maker Camp 2015 © Derby Museums