Finding 10: Health

People who take part in the arts are 38% more likely to report good health 

A Scottish study found that people who had participated in a creative or cultural activity were 38% more likely to report good health compared to those who did not; and for those who participated in dance, the figure rises to 62% (Leadbetter & O’Connor, 2013).

Nordic data found that people who visited cinemas, art exhibitions, museums or concerts, compared with those who rarely visited, had a lower mortality risk (Konlaan, 2000). Italian data shows that cultural access is the second most important determinant of wellbeing, above factors including occupation, age, income and education (Grossi, 2010 & 2012).

Different types of art activities increase different elements of health and wellbeing. Dance improves the physical health of participants, in particular teenage girls who are not engaging in other physical activity (Connolly et al, 2011). Shared reading has been found to improve an individual’s sense of purpose. Theatre and drama improve young people’s social skills and emotional wellbeing. We also know that engaging in the arts increases young people’s resilience – a key component of good mental health. 


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