Government plans to develop a local culture offer for all children and young people

20 April 2010

The ambition is for every pupil to have access to high-quality cultural activities in and out of school, eventually reaching five hours a week for all. Find Your Talent has been trialing how this might work in local areas, and now the DCMS and DCSF have used what’s been learnt to develop a policy for the future.

This policy moves from national programmes to localism. It puts responsibility back on to cultural organisations, schools and Local Authorities to work together to deliver a cultural offer that gets to the many not just the few.Of course, there are jobs for the national agencies too. The Arts Council will lead a review of how to create more coherent leadership and delivery of cultural education. And the Arts Council, MLA, CABE, English Heritage and UK Film Council will lead a programme of capacity building in local arts and cultural organisations.The Cultural Learning Alliance has a part to play as well. DCMS and DCSF will work with us on two of our key priorities: developing networks of Cultural Ambassadors and establishing high-profile champions. To do this, we are going to need your help – to work together, find solutions to challenges, and build local support where that’s needed.Encouragingly, the document touches on evidencing the benefits of cultural learning which we know from our consultation needs to be prioritised. However what seems to be missing is any focus on developing the workforce to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to deliver. In addition to the structural elements that form the basis of the delivery model suggested, building the workforce across education, youth, care and cultural sectors is imperative .You can download the full report at