New evidence Briefing: The Arts, Health and Wellbeing

09 May 2018

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week from the 14-20 May, we are launching our new Briefing written in partnership with the children’s mental health charity a Place2Be.  Including a foreword from a Place2Be's President and Founder Dame Benita Refson, the briefing sets out why the arts make us happier and healthier and are key to supporting children’s good mental health.

Participating in the arts makes children happier and healthier

By the time they leave primary school, one in five children will have experienced mental health problems at least once in their lives. Untreated, poor mental health in childhood can lead to a lifetime of difficulties.

Taking part in arts activities builds children’s self-confidence, sense of identity, communication skills and resilience, all key elements of good mental health. The arts can give children a vital creative outlet to express and make sense of their emotions.

Download the Briefing