Resources to make the case for the arts

26 March 2018

We are pleased this month to have published the second in our series of CLA Briefing Papers:  Employability and Enterprise, in partnership with the Edge Foundation. We have also published two Key Research Findings posters.

These resources follow on from our STEAM Briefing Paper; ImagineNation: the value of cultural learning; and our Key Research Findings: the case for cultural learning, all available on our website.

If you work with young people making choices about which subjects to study, or speak to parents at parents’ evenings we hope these will be useful in helping you to make the case about the value of studying arts subjects.

Employability & Enterprise Briefing Paper

Written in partnership with the Edge Foundation, and with a foreword by its Chief Executive, Alice Barnard, the Briefing Paper sets out the evidence for why the arts make children and young people more employable, and why the creative industries are our international economic life-raft.

Key Research Findings poster

You can now download two versions of an A4 printable posters of our 10 Key Research Findings, which you can use in school or in your workplace.

If you find these resources useful, or if there are other resources that you would like us to provide please do get in touch


Photo: Into Film St Andrews Primary Islington. Photo credit Ben Bentley