What can the government do for children and cultural learning? We want your views.

15 June 2010

The Coalition programme for government for the next five years has been set out and comments have been welcomed from the public. There are separate programmes for schools, families and children, and culture, Olympics, media and sport.

For schools, the government want to “ensure high standards of discipline in the classroom, robust standards and the highest quality teaching”. For families and children they want to “make our society more family friendly, and to take action to protect children from excessive commercialisation and premature sexualisation”. While for culture, Olympics, media and sport they wish to “promote excellence in these fields, with government funding used where appropriate to encourage philanthropic and corporate investment”.There is nothing in any of these programmes of work which signals government’s programme for cultural learning. Maintaining free entry to national museums and galleries and reforming the National Lottery should be beneficial, in that more funding will be available for the arts and heritage. But will changes to teacher training and development, or curriculum freedoms, consider cultural learning?We want to know what you think.  What can the government do nationally, to help you deliver a cultural offer to children and young people locally?Let us know what you think by commenting below.