What do we know about cultural learning?

20 April 2010

We think that across the Cultural Learning Alliance we probably know a huge amount about what cultural learning does – for children and young people, for culture, for society and for the people who work with young people. We’ve got it written up in evaluations of both large and small projects or as case studies. You probably have a few sitting on your shelf or in your desk drawers.

But how much further do they go? Where are they published? And how can we all get hold of them? We’ve got a few examples and reports on our website – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.The Get It report has told us that we need to work together to gather and share evidence of cultural learning. So, over the next few months we’re going to be working on our evidence base. You can already submit evidence and examples through our website – but we need more of you to do it! From our side, we’re going to be working out how to classify it and make it easily accessible, so that anyone interested can learn from what’s gone on before.Do you have thoughts about how this might be useful to you? Tell us below.