Work with us

06 December 2021

The Cultural Learning Alliance (CLA) is looking to appoint a Co-Director, leading on communication and messaging, to work alongside the existing Co-Director (Policy) and Co-Director (Research).

Why the CLA needs this role

We want to take a fresh look at the way we tell our story to a range of audiences, including our membership, schools and policy makers. We believe that young people and our wide membership should be at the heart of the process, and are looking to work with our new Co-Director to create a strategy that enables their voices to be central. 

As regular readers will know, we have a specific focus on social justice, which informs our approach and decision making.

We are anti-racist, and support calls for a culturally representative curriculum and arts education workforce. We recognise that the CLA has not done enough to challenge the inherent racism and wider inequality in our sector, to listen to colleagues with lived experience of this, or worked to address it. We acknowledge our agency in this landscape and are working to implement sustainable change across all our functions, activity and systems. This contract is part of this work.

Individuals from the global majority* and people who are disabled* are under-represented in the CLA, and in our senior leadership. We particularly welcome tenders from individuals who have these protected characteristics. 

Take a look at the invitation to tender for more information and details of how to apply. Deadline for tenders is 17 January 2022.


*Global majority includes, but is not limited to, people of African, North African, South Asian, South East Asian, East Asian, Caribbean, Latinx, Middle Eastern, Native American, Native Australian, Pacific Islanders, Roma and Traveller heritage or diaspora.

We know that these issues are sensitive and that the language used to describe different identities is contested and evolving quickly. We welcome feedback on our approach and the language used. If you would like to comment, please e-mail us. Any feedback you provide will be dealt with confidentially and will not impact your application or your relationship with the Cultural Learning Alliance.