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Manifestos are out!

Posted 27 April

All the major parties have now published their Manifesto documents and (as our Twitter followers will know) we’ve been through them all with a tooth-comb. 

When you live with degradation depleting your resources, the magical artistic experience becomes a source of hope; a vision beyond the despair, an indication of how bad could be transformed into better

Camila Batmangelidjh Founder and Director, Kids Company
BBC News - Nick Clegg: Education is 'red line' in coalition deal…

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Posted 6 April

Parliment was dissolved on Monday 30 March. This means that we no longer have MPs and that campaigning for our votes starts in earnest for the 7 May general election.

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Posted 1 April

This month we bring you a Budget round-up, some useful evidence on ‘Narrowing the Gap’, the New ITT framework, developments to English Heritage and Hiive – the professional network from Creative Skillset.