Reading and literacy highlight

September the 8th was UNESCO’s International Literacy Day, with the organisation’s website urging colleagues across the world to recognise that Literacy is a key lever for change and social mobility, as well as highlighting projects in different nations. Here in the UK we have seen a great deal of activity; new research, celebrations and the launch of a number of campaigns aiming to get parents, carers and children reading.

GCSE and A Level consultations

As we reported in our last newsletter the Department of Education is currently running a consultation on GCSE and A Level Art & Design, Dance and Music subject content requirements. The documents on their website set out the minimum knowledge, skills and understanding required for GCSE and A Level qualifications. The awarding organisations use the subject content to create the actual qualifications and the consultation closes on the 17th of September.

Policy and practice round-up September 2014

This month we welcome everyone back for the Autumn term, and if you’re one of the teachers implementing the new school curriculum for the first time, we’d be really interested to hear how it’s going; especially in the cultural learning subjects. If you’re an artist or cultural organisation then do let us know if you’re developing new resources or practice around the new curriculum. This month the British Museum and the DfE launched online resources for teachers: ‘Teaching History in 100 objects’ and we’d love to hear of other initiatives of this kind.

The CLA and British Science Association (BSA): Working together

Momentum for STEAM continues to build, both here and in the U.S., There will be breakout sessions at the Conservative conference on STEAM, and a great new STEAM map has been created by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). In this bulletin we want to flag up some great STEAM opportunities which we’re developing through the British Science Association (BSA). CLA and the BSA are beginning to work together to investigate possible new partnerships involving the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) with the Arts. The BSA recently completed a strategic review and the outcome is a new vision of the role of science in society, one of a future where science is seen as part of – rather than set apart from – culture and society at large. You can find out more here.