Children, Schools and Families Bill failed to come into law

14 May 2010

In the first e-news we reported that the Alliance had responded to the consultation on Pupil and Parent Guarantees, part of the Children’s Schools and Families Bill.

Prior to the dissolution of Parliament in April, a Children, Schools and Families Bill was tabled to be brought into law. The Bill included a range of provisions including powers for governing bodies, family courts, school report cards, as well as Pupil and Parent Guarantees and the reform of the Primary Curriculum.As no agreement could be reached between the then Government and the opposition parties, a number of provisions in the Bill were not passed. Significantly for culture, this means no Pupil and Parent Guarantee that brings into law the ambition for a cultural entitlement for children and young people.  The new Primary Curriculum, based on the Rose Review which was broadly welcomed by the arts community for including the Arts as one of the six areas of learning, will now not be introduced.