What we did in 2016

31 December 2016

This is our brief annual round-up of the last year of collective CLA activity.


January 2016 saw our submission to the English Baccalaureate consultation and publication of our in-depth briefings for members. We are still waiting for the consultation results on the EBacc to be published.

We submitted responses to the Education Select Committee’s Purpose of Education call for evidence, and then attended their consultation day in September.

We also put forward evidence to the Countries of Culture Culture Select Committee inquiry in partnership with What Next?.

Work with government

We met with minsters and staff from the Department for Education and Department for Culture Media and Sport, and briefed six members of the House of Lords who used our evidence in preparing for debates in February and November.

In response to a request from the Department for Education we compiled a report responding to questions about teaching of the arts in primary schools for the Teaching School Council’s review of Effective Primary Teaching Practice.

Over the year we provided in-depth analysis and briefings on the Education White Paper, Culture White Paper, Queen’s Speech, BBC White Paper and the HE White Paper.


We published new analysis of the state of Arts GCSE entries and arts teaching hours, and the number of arts teachers in schools.

Speeches and presentations

We were pleased to be invited to make presentations to the AQA Creative Teachers conference; engage conference; the Youth Dance Programme Board; the SSAT; the Westminster Education Forum; and Policy-UK Forum.

New publications

During the year we worked on a new version of ImagineNationImagineNation, and new Key Research Findings which we published in January 2017.

CLA in numbers

We have 11,106 members and 7,897 twitter followers. We had 15,800 website users in 2016 and sent 391 tweets that had 480,000 impressions (the number of times users saw the tweet on twitter). We wrote 23 articles for the website.

Thank you!

If you are one of our 11,106 members a huge thank you. The CLA would not exist without its members who take the time to respond to consultations, write to their MPs, share our briefings with colleagues, head teachers and parents and work every day to ensure children have access to arts and culture.