New CLA Briefing – Early Years & The Arts: Why an arts-rich early years matters

13 October 2022

On 13 October we launched a new Briefing paper Early Years & The Arts with the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC), setting out why an arts-rich early years matters for children.

Published with funding from Arts Council England, Early Years & The Arts highlights the role of arts activities in developing communication, language and early literacy, in securing young children’s wellbeing and developing their resilience.

The evidence shows the importance of arts activities at home and in early years settings. Additionally, projects with artists and artists-in-residence can extend and scaffold the ability of parents and early years staff to harness the power of arts activities for children’s development.

For children who do not experience an arts-rich home learning environment the provision of high-quality arts activities by artists and early years practitioners in early years settings is vital to closing the outcomes gap.


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